Service Care


Male & Female

The minimum age that a resident may be is 18 years old.


24-Hour Service

Visiting Nurse

Visiting Physical Therapist

Visiting Occupational Therapist

Visiting Speech Therapist

Additional Services

Diabetic Care
The community can help residents monitor their blood sugar but cannot give insulin injections. 

Memory Care Offered
This community employs technology to prevent residents from wandering and becoming lost, for example bracelets that will ring an alarm if the resident leaves the community. The memory care area of this community is secured to protect the safety of residents who wander. 

Incontinence Care
Incontinent residents must be able to manage incontinence themselves. This staff at this community can remind incontinent residents to use the restroom. This community can care for residents with bowel incontinence. This community can care for residents with bladder incontinence. 

Non Ambulatory Care
This community can provide a 1 person assisted transfer for residents who need help transferring, for example, from a bed into a wheelchair. 

Other Care
This community can accept residents who are an elopement risk. This community is provides multiple levels of care allowing residents to remain at the community while receiving increasing care.